A little bit about me...

My passion has always been in the realm of creativity. As a teenager and young adult I participated in over 30 theatre productions, including Henry Ford Community College's 3D production of The Tempest. After graduating High School at the age of 16 and receiving my Associate's in Theatre at 19-years-old, my focus shifted to my family. Over the next ten years I managed three different households who needed extra help due to personal and medical needs that were effecting the head of household. As my family adjusted and settled, I thought deeply about what I wanted to do for myself.

Teaching is something I've always thought I might do. I chose the Language Arts Comprehensive program at Eastern Michigan University because the classes emphasized bringing music, theater, movement, and technology into the classroom. My goal for professional development moving forward is to continue to learn how to best reach my students both individually and as a whole class. Most importantly, I want all of my students and their families to feel that their intelligence, culture and experiences are valued, so that all of their classmates and myself may benefit from their unique point of view. I love taking what I've learned and creating something new, I hope to pass that on to my future students.