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Interview with the Creator

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We believe, the best way to get to know a brand better is by meeting its creator. 
Today we sat down with the creator of Natasha Rose to ask her a few questions about herself, her design inspirations, sustainability and more. 

Interview with Fashion Designer Natasha Rose creator

Introduce yourself

I'm Natasha and, as you probably figured out, I am the creator of Natasha Rose. I consider myself a creative mind and love turning ideas into things, like with Natasha Rose. I am based in Barcelona, but originally from Australia. 

What inspires you the most when designing? 

Honestly, when designing, women inspire me most. Whether that's a woman that is breaking boundaries in her field of work or simply a woman that dressing, however she likes, they both inspire me in different ways. 

Interview with Fashion Designer Natasha Rose creator fashion sketches

First style memory?

My pink ombre, ankle length, fake feather, tube dress I had when I was about 5-ish. I also did love myself a monochrome pink look... really anything pink. If I find a photo of it, I will definitely post it to Insta stories!

Why did you choose to make your brand sustainable?

Once I learnt about the impact fashion has on the world, making the brand sustainable wasn't a choice, it was a must. 

I am not sure how I would be able to work every day, if I didn't make the brand sustainable, knowing the negative impact I would be making on the planet and the people in it. To me, sustainable fashion shouldn't be this amazing, and special, concept; it should be the norm. 

Interview with Fashion Designer Natasha Rose creator

Why did you choose the name Natasha Rose?

When I was younger, my grandmother would always call me 'Natasha Rose'. So, when I was trying to come up with a meaningful name for my brand, Natasha Rose just seemed to work perfectly. Not only is it personal to me, but I also love how roses are so feminine, but at the same time very strong. That's the style I go for with Natasha Rose. 

What do you hope people feel when wearing your pants?

I hope that the women who wear my pants feel inspired, empowered and like they can conquer the world... because they can!

Interview with Fashion Designer Natasha Rose creator closeup