Welcome to the Rose Garden. 

Natasha Rose is a contemporary womenswear brand which focuses on creating women's pants. 

Our goal is to empower the modern day women through fashion, and what is more empowering than the perfect pair of power pants?

"Being a young designer, I design for the women who inspire me. The women who have helped me become who I am today. The woman I wish to be in the future. That is who I design for and that is who Natasha Rose is for." - creator of Natasha Rose.


Here at Natasha Rose, we believe there should be no reason to compromise the planet, or the people in it, in order to create beautiful fashion.  Because of this, Natasha Rose is dedicated to ethical and environmentally responsible practices throughout the entire brand. 

All Natasha Rose pants are handmade with organic fabrics in Barcelona. 

(but don't worry, we offer free international shipping).

Natasha Rose Models in Barcelona City Portrait