Here at Natasha Rose, we believe, to make quality clothing, you need to start with quality fabrics. Because of this, we choose 100% organic fabrics and natural fibres to create our pants from. 

For the first launch of the Natasha Rose 'Milli Pants', we created them in a 100% Organic Cotton Moleskin fabric, perfect for the colder months. Discover more about why we decided to choose this fabric below. 

Organic Cotton Moleskin

First things first, contrary to the name, Cotton Moleskin in NOT made moles skin, it is simply given this name because of the soft texture the fabric. So, yes, the Natasha Rose 'Milli Pants' are both vegan and organic. 

 Why We Chose Cotton Moleskin?

Moleskin is a fabric made out of thick cotton yarns, which are very tightly woven and brushed on one side to create a soft texture (like the skin of a mole). Because of this, Moleskin is well known for it's quality, thickness and high durability.

Some of the reasons why we chose this fabric are: 

  1. Moleskin is a great fabric for the colder months. It retains heat very well but, because of the high cotton content, it is also very breathable. 
  2. Moleskin is very durable. Did you know? Moleskin uniforms have been used  for steel workers and army soldiers. This makes it the perfect fabric to be worn over and over again for years to come. 
  3. Moleskin helps give extra structure. Because of the thickness of the fabric, it always us to give the 'Milli Pants' are really strong silhouette, that won't go away after a couple washes. 

"The first thing that drew me to the Moleskin in the way it feels. I love how soft but also how thick it is. It really keeps it shape and is unlike other fabrics I have ever seen. I also love how it is typically used for menswear and has a lot of history behind it, I think that adds even more meaning to the design" - Natasha