Embrace Diversity

When considering books in the classroom I want to ensure that they are reflective of the children in my class. From their interests to their skin color, I want them to see themselves in the books available to them. The Book Talk Plan linked here will give you some insight into the things I take into consideration when selecting a book(s).


Model Thinking

When teaching I talk through my thought process so students can see the strategies I am using to find information, or make sense of things. I wrote this rap for a teacher preparation course about modeling thinking and reading strategies.


I want to introduce my class to strategies that will help them take charge of their emotions, behavior, and social interactions.

Reading workshop

Incorporate Technology

On the left is a reading reflection about Readers Workshop I did for Eastern Michigan University. It is an example of my mastery of Google Slides, as well as Peardeck, to make presentations interactive and engaging for my students.