A little bit about me...

Prior to going back for my BA, I achieved an Associate's in Theater Arts from Henry Ford Community College. I chose the Language Arts Comprehensive program at Eastern Michigan University because the classes emphasized bringing music, theater, movement, and technology into the classroom. My goal for professional development moving forward is to continue to learn how to best reach my students both individually and as a whole class. Most importantly, I want all of my students and their families to feel that their intelligence, culture, and experiences are valued, so that our classroom family may benefit from their unique point of view. I love taking what I've learned and creating something new, I hope to pass that on to my future students.

4th Grade Team at Long Meadow

It was such a joy to serve on the 4th grade team during my student teaching experience with Mrs. Salmon. I was truly inspired by the school culture in which I felt like a part of the family. Teachers were willing to share their successes and concerns with one another to create solutions and incredible experiences for our students during this COVID impacted year. I look forward to creating relationships with my future colleagues that emulate the high level of collaboration and support that I have been a part of at Long Meadow Elementary.